About Us

Cameron Chin


Cameron Chin is the owner of Nefarious Kustoms. Cameron has always been into cars. His first car was a 1967 Mustang Fastback he picked up for $2,000. While he was in high school he would spend every dollar he earned on his car. While attending college he sold his car and picked up a Wrangler. It was in college that Cameron helped start an offroad club that turned into a fraternity and ultimately let him to his passion in offroad. After college and workin gin a few off road shops Cameron opened his first shop in 2006. Fast foward to 2012 and Nefarious Kustoms was founded in Las Vegas, NV. 
Specialties: Metal fabrication, suspension design, roll cage and tubing work, bead rolling, race prep
Racing Career:
2018 SCORE Baja 1000 Class 1 7th Place finish
2018 BITD Mint 400 UTV Production 1000 finisher
2017 SNORE Caliente 250 UTV Production 1000 fastest lap, fastest top speed
2017 BITD Mint 400 Class 1 competitor
2017 PURE/AVE 200 UTV Production 1000 2nd Place
2016 BITD Mint 400 Ultra4 competitor
2015 WEROCK Dirt Riot Congress, AZ 4500 class
2015 Ultra 4 King of the Hammers Class 4500 competitor
2012 WEROCK Dirt Riot Fredericksburg, TX Stock class 1st Place
2012 Ultra 4 King of the Hammers UTV Production 1000 competitor
2011 Baja Racing of TX Chupacabra 250 class 7100 competitor
2011 Baja Racing of TX Notrees 300 7100 competitor
2011 Baja Racing of TX Firecracker 250 Ultra 4 competitor|
2011 WEROCK Dirt Riot Central Series Ultra 4 competitor
2010 SNORE Dusty Times 250 Class 7100 1st Place
2010 MOROC Short Course Rock Racing Promod Class Champion Builder
2009 Spring Creek Rocks & Rampage Promod 1st Place
2009 SCORE Baja 1000 class 1600 12th Place finish Race Support
2008 BITD Parker 425 Class 5 Unlimited competitor
2008 Rally America Wandrin Star Rally Unlimited Class 1st Place
2008 Rally America Rallye de Paris Unlimited Class 1st Place
2007 SCORE Baja 500 race support