Maxtrax Mini + JaxBase Combo

Maxtrax Mini + JaxBase Combo

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The MAXTRAX JaxBase is an extreme-duty lifting platform for Hi-Lift® style jacks. It features a strong, reinforced back with a recessed cutout for the base of the jack to ensure it cannot move. MAXTRAX JaxBase spreads the weight over a larger surface area and uses the recovery board on the front side to ensure stability. Perfect for sand, snow, mud and more. When not being used as a JaxBase, you’ll find a fully-featured MAXTRAX Mini on the front side.

This combo is sold as a pair consisting of one MAXTRAX JaxBase and one MAXTRAX Mini Recovery Board. 

To purchase a single MAXTRAX JaxBase, click here

• Includes two Maxtrax Telltale Leashes to help you pull them out of the muck.
• Constructed from Australian-sourced fiber-reinforced, engineering-grade nylon.
• Lifetime warranty against faults in materials and workmanship.
• When stacked, a MAXTRAX Mini and JaxBase Combo measures 25L x 13W x 3.5H.